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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How to make all topics not require for approval

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Posted by: jdiaz

I tried setting the levels to 15/15 10/10 0/0 and also set up akismet. But what we want is to disable it, there's a bug that is not allowing to disable the spam control feature.

We don't have a person dedicated to approve the posts (We'll do in the future, but not for the moment), I understand is better to keep the forum free of spam, but is there a way I can disable this from the code? 


You mean this "Enable wpForo Spam Control" to OFF doesn't work for you ?

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Correct, I have it off and still requires for approval. I turned on as Robert suggested with the low level but that didn't help either.

I just found a way to disable it from code, not sure if someone else is having this issue though, if so, I can share my temporary solution.

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Yes, it's also possible with 1.2.0 version. There is a separate auto-moderation function which is not under Spam Control settings. This is already changed in next 1.2.1 version. You'll be able full turn off all moderation functions by disabling wpForo Spam Control. At the moment I'd recommend set Levels 1/1 and New User level 1 .

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i'd like to set wpForo to need to approve new topics for all the users, but not the replies - they are free to post.

is it possible? or would you say a small PHP update might do it?

any advice? thank you

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Please don't duplicate the questions.

Just follow this support topic:

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