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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How to setup wpforo Moderator/Admin Functions for Members

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Hello, in my website I have my permissions setup i thought correctly but when I test the roles, there is no front-end or back-end functions that permit these usergroups from moderating the forums. My website is

Setting Screenshots Below

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Hi @nemo,

You should know, that back-end permissions should be configured in Usergroup Permissions  (Dashboard > Forums > Usergroups), the front-end forum specific permissions are configured in Forum Accesses permission settings (Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Forum Accesses).

First of all you don't have any user with Moderator Usergroup, I see it on the usergroup list, it shows "0".

Second I'm not sure if you're well familiar with Forum Accesses. Please read it in documentation.The Forum Accesses are designed to provide different permissions to Usergroups in specific Forums.

Third, there is also Moderator Forum Access, which is used by you for Admin and Leader Usergroups. So I hope you test it with a user who has Admin or Leader Usergroups.