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[Solved] Is this possible?

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I am owning a web design agency and have a request from a customer to install a forum software with the following requirements:

  • Apart from this public webspace, with a dedicated access only for previously registered users, we will need to host a “2-fold forum”
    • 1) user A level with full access rights can go to forum side A) and B)
    • 2) user with only secondary rights only to forum side B)
    • Forum side A) will be only for 20-30 people max , etc…absolutely closed doors…but they can have of course also access to the more “open” forum B)
    • Forum B), also “closed doors” but allowing more stakeholders (50-100) to comment, make posts, share links to documents (but NO upload !), put questions and receive direct answers/ comments

I have now searched for some Wordpress forum plugins and wpForo looks quite nice - but can this customer demand be fulfilled with it? If yes - how can this be achieved? As I need to send an offer by Monday, I'm not really able to read all the documentation or to try it out, so any help would be highly appreciated here - thanks in advance!

Cheers Peter

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Hello Peter,

I guess we asked almost a similar question. I hope it is possible with the new version of wpFORO Board settings. Looking forward to getting the answer and "how" from the support team.


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Managed to solve the problem by my own – with secondary user groups.