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New Feature [Closed] wpForo Forum Boards

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Please check the attached image. Forum 1, will be a general forum open to any subscribed user including  

I would like to add 3 additional forum Boards (Forum2, Forum3, Forum4) to my website. They will be all in the same language but for different interests, and special groups and each group member of these special forums would need to enter a password in order to enter, see or read his/her registered forum. 

Additionally, for example, the registered user of  special Forum 2, would be able to enter General Forum1 but not other special Forums (3 and 4

I know that it sounds complicated and I hope I could describe how I would like to use the boards on the different pages. 

Any help on that?

P.S/ Can I use the wpForo add-ons in all my boards?


Thank you


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With only 2 forums, this is possible. I have created a new group (let's call it "Forum A") with the same rights as the registered user.

On Forum A, I assign the "Registered User" the level "No Access" and the newly created access group "Forum A" the level of standard access.

On Forum B, I assign both, the registered user as well as the "Forum A" group the level of standard access.

With this, a normal registered user can only access Forum B, unless I add him to the group "Forum A" as secondary group and afterwards he can access also Forum A.


For sure, this will end at the time, you have more than 2 forums to manage individual access levels.


Cheers Peter

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@pheck1964 Hi Peter Thank you.

I still hope that more than 2 Forums would be possible with the new version of wpFORO containing the Boards feature.