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[Solved] Lost forum sidebar after updating to v2.0

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I was able to simply manually re-configure the side bar under "Appearance > Widgets". I had to remember had to do this, but fairly straightforward using Browse All, and then searching on "wp".

This part is back to normal.

One other strange thing after the upgrade...

I continually get the message in my dashboard...

wpForo Forum Installation | 100%

Forum users' profile data are not synchronized yet, this step is required! Please click the button below to complete installation.

Continue Synchronization >>

This process may take a few seconds or dozens of minutes, please be patient and don't close this page.

When I click on the Continue link, it sync's in a couple seconds and says Success. But the message stays exactly as shown, acting as if it needs to be done again. 


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Great. That info box can be disabled using the following hooks code. Just put it in your active WordPress Theme's function.php file or install Code Snippets plugin and add new PHP snippet:

add_filter('wpforo_profile_synchronization_notice', '__return_false');
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