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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Problems with multilingual website

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Anyone using wpForo in two different languages with Polylang?

I have a website in English and Swedish. I would like to show all frontend elements/phrases in English for English users and in Swedish for the Swedish users.

Default language is English and I use Polylang to translate the website to Swedish (/sv) and .po and .mo files for the forum translation.

The site language is set to Swedish under "General settings".

The problem is that the page "mywebsite/community" takes me to the English website and English forum interface.

If I translate the "Forum" page to Swedish and add the [wpforo] shortcode, I get the forum startpage in Swedish "mywebsite/sv/community-2" (Can't have the same slug for both languages with Polylang), but clicking any subject takes me back to the "/community" slug and English again.

Is it possible to have a multilingual interface with wpForo? Would appreciate a solution.




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I am facing exactly the same challenge. Could you solve it already or is there someone who knows a workaround?


By copying the forum and adding the shortcode only for the specific category, I can show the other language. But when the user clicks on any button (sub-cat, forum, members, profile), it always switches to the first initial language.



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I'm sorry, but there is no solution yet.

You should use a language switcher plugin which will work on the single /community/ page. The /community/ page will be translated based on current language. You should not use other pages for other languages. The forum page is one, and it should not be duplicated.

Your multi-language plugin should be able to reload the /community/ page with some variable like /community/lang=en and change current WordPress language. Once the front-end language is changed wpForo will automatically load the current language translation.