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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Question: minor issue after 1.8.x update

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I updated wpForo from Version 1.7.7 to either Version 1.8 or Version 1.8.1 with WP-CLI, with the following command

wp plugin update --all


It performed the upgrade but when I checked the plugins page it showed the following error (pic attached)

I clicked the "Go to the database troubleshooter" but there were no problems. After that the error message disappeared.


If, before updating to version 1.8.x I disable the wpForo plugin, however, and then I update with WP-CLI as above, and then I enable wpForo again, I don't get the error message at all.


Question: do you recommend disabling the plugin prior to updating with WP-CLI, or it shouldn't matter?


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Hi @fawp,

All is correct, just click the blue button in that message or just ignore it, all is fixed automatically and you don't have to do further actions. There is no problem with your forum.