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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Tagging Users in Post

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Hey All! Newbie here!

Quick inquiry, I am curious how do you tag a user in a post? I want to be able to tag some of our users in discussions. I would hope this would trigger some type of email to them saying they have been mentioned in a post?

Thanks in Advance 



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Like so.

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Hi @sammmbernardo,

The user mentioning feature already exists in the wpForo plugin.  It detects @nicename, sends email notification and changes the @nicename to this user profile link. 

The email content can be edited in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Emails admin page.

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The @tagging members isn't working for me.

Is it a setting I need to turn on somewhere?

I'm tagging @sofy here to test, it doesn't drop down or show me that I have the right person or link?

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humm I guess it's working here. you have to know the person, it's not a dropdown type where they start popping up when you put in a @s or @m  ?


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Hi @uhd,

I'm sorry but wpForo doesn't have @nickname drop down. When you reply it automatically adds @nickname in editor. Other users nicknames can be found under their usernames or in their profile pages.


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@robert why can I tag some members, but not all on my forum? Also, when I hit reply, it doesn’t automatically add the @ corresponding to the member I'm replying to.

Is there any option that I must activate?


Thank you

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Enable Show Member Mention Nicknames option from Dashboard  >Forums > Settings > Features tab.