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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] The number of views in the Threaded design layout, - incorrect

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In the layout of Threaded Design, there is a problem with displaying the number of views on the main page, the number of views is not updated correctly, and is not updated when another viewer comes in to see the post, how can this be checked and arranged?

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Hi @rivka,

Views are not changed live-time, so you cannot monitor it, you can't check it if you don't know the working logic. You'll always think it doesn't work, but it works fine for sure.

1. The view counting is being done for all, but the count is not updated live-time because of cache, the count will be updated once new reply is added or forum cache is reset. Saying cache, I mean wpForo cache, it can be deleted in Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard admin page. If you have cache plugins, those should be deleted too.

2. Also, the same visitor is logged only one time, it doesn't matter how many times he/she visits the topic page.

3. Make sure wpForo Cookies are enabled in Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Privacy & Rules admin page.

4. Make sure these options are enabled in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features admin page:

  • Log Viewed Forums and Topics
  • Track Forum and Topic Current Viewers
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So if cash is not cleared, and suppose no new reply is written for two days, the number of views will not be updated at this time?
And should the new reply that is written be specific to the topic that has been published, in order for the views to be updated? Or does it matter in which forum a reply is written so that the number of views in all forums is updated?