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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Theme Breadcrumbs

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I just switched from bbpress to wpforo and I am loving the change. I do have one question. My theme has a built in styling for breadcrumbs right below the logo and menu. However it seems like these are unable to track the new forum as it stays stuck on Home/Forum without continuing down the breadcrumb path. I built a new page and put the forum short code into the page. Am I missing something to make the default bread crumbs in my theme seeing the full path in the new forum?

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Hi @badge,

First of all, thank you for using wpForo.

wpForo has its own breadcrumbs. You can enable/disable it form Dashboard > Forums  > Settings > Features admin page. 

More info here:

I'm sorry, but there is no way to integrate wpForo breadcrumbs with your theme's one. I suggest you disable the breadcrumbs on frum pages via CSS. I can help you if you leave your forum URL.

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bbPress is based on WordPress post system. bbPress forums, topics and posts are different type of WordPress blog-posts saved in wp_posts database table. So the solution for breadcrumb you have works with bbPress. But storing forum data in WordPress post system is not a good idea for performance reason. We made wpForo separate, it's not based on WordPress custom post types so the  breadcrumb functions have no chance to detect topics and posts hierarchy. The whole wpForo is loaded under one Forum page and the breadcrumb function understand it as one Forums page.  Only wpForo built-in breadcrumb  system can recognize current location in forum so you have to disable your breadcrumb  on forum page using some CSS code or option and only keep wpForo breadcrumb.