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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Issues with Jetpack

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Is JetPack compatible with WPforo? I deactivated it but would like to use it. When my user would log in they would be directed to a dashboard with Jetpack options. I don't want them having this access.


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Hi @mikegrecomba,

You should configure this in Jetpack plugin's settings. I'm sorry, but I don't familiar with this plugin settings, and cannot help you in this question. 

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Ok, i see you found the problem maker. Just contact to the JetPack support and ask them how to disable this feature. Or try to set wpForo redirection options in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Members admin page:

If these options will not work with activated JetPack then the Jetpack is hard-coded you should fix it from Jetpack side.