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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] User Access

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All my users have multiple roles. I need to maintain one role for everyone which is the subscriber role. As we know, this is important for a lot of 3rd party plugins. 

However, it seems that if I dont have standard access enabled for "subsriber" then even if other roles do have access then they cannot view the forum. i.e. all of their user roles have to have standard access in order for them to see it. 

How can I work around this so that theres a minimum role level, i.e. so long as they belong to one of the allowed standard access groups, they will have access to those forums. 

Is this possible?

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You can edit the forum/category and set forum accesses for all usergroups from Forum Permissions field,

Please read the below topic about wpForo Usergroups, Forums Accesses and WordPress User Roles.

Let us know if this won't solve your problem.