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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] User does not receive registration confirmation

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Since the update to version 1.4.9 users are unable to register to the forum.

No confirmation email has been sent, they need to create a password...

Even email reset password does not arrive..

BTW: Email to administrator on new user arrives..

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Hi @yooda120,

Could you please update to 1.4.11 version and test it again?

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I've updated and tested already yesterday but still have the same problem..

if you can make this topic to private i will send a link so you can test it..

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now i try with gmail test account..

the email arrive but when i click to set new password it says "the key is invalid"

so i click reset password ..

only withe reset link i succeed to set a password and log in finally....

pls help here..

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My wpforo site was running perfectly fine when on 1.4.9

I updated to 1.4.11 and now I have this same fault too!

People can register, they get sent an e-mail containing a link to set their password, when they use the link they get taken to the page and it states the key is invalid. (see attached below).

You know every time an update comes out for wpforo it makes me highly nervous as updates frequently introduce additional faults which were not there before or reintroduce old ones. I almost didn't do this one but like a fool I did. From now on I think I'm going to wait at least four weeks before updating to any new release to let the bugs surface. This newly introduced fault will have a serious impact on my site reputation as I'm in direct competition with two other forums for members in the chosen field.

I appreciated this is a free forum plug-in, I also appreciate the time and effort that the wpforo team expend but I'm also a paid up member of all the wpforo plugins and I would prefer not to fear updates. Surely this should not have slipped past system testing.

If you could provide a fix for this, for others and myself  as soon as possible, it would be greatly appreciated. I suspect @yooda120 and myself are not the only ones impacted. 


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