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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] User does not receive registration confirmation

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Posted by: cmw14

Sorry yooda120 but is very difficult to tell from your posts, are you saying although 1.4.13 has fixed the registration fault it has now introduced another? If this is true this really is poor.

I've not updated and have no intention of doing so until things are clearer. 

Yes.. It fix one thing and broke another at least on my site ..

Is there a way to get back 1.4.8 ?

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Hi yooda120

All works fine, nothing is broken in all our test websites. I have no idea what you mean saying two factor login, please provide more information with a separate topic. All issues you're talking about are your site specific issues, they are not general issues. There will not be further releases for this issue. The registration issue is fixed so please don't wait for news here and update it to the latest version.

This topic is closed.

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