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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] When I register I don´t receive the email confirmation

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I made a register test and make a registration for a test user and never receive the confirmation mail, is a gmail account.

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Hi Romiko,

Please check these points one by one and leave some feedback for each point:


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Hi! I am late to this because I have never been notified by email your response. 

I have read all the points, let me feedback each:

1. As far as I know my email sender works well.  I´m not sure what a WordPress email is on registration and other cases, let me know.

2.I had twice same mail in the two fields ¨From name¨ and ¨forum admins email addresses¨.  Now I changed the first to another account as was the same as the subscriber and added this last to the second field.

3. In the cases that the mails do not have a URL, I have cheked in spam box and no WpForo mails were received.

4. I have waited days

5. Done, nothing so far

6. The Subscription Confirmation Email is the one I never received.  But checking my email in which I have registered as moderator I only have two emails from wpForo, nothing in spam box. The first mail is for setting the password, and the second a notification from this forum some topic I opened.

7. I have attempted changing the IP and mail from a friend in another location, different from where I usually work, nothing happened.


I´ll appreciate your help here, thanks!!!