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wpForo 1.x.x wpforo_strip_shortcodes function removes correct http links

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Hello WPforo team,

the latest wpforo_strip_shortcodes function removes also fully valid links which contain two ":" like this one:

I now replaced removed double colons with words:
---> https(Double colon)// colon)4904044 <---

It is correctly saved in database, but then the wpforo_content_after filter on line 2311 in wpf-hooks using wpforo_strip_shortcodes and the last regex removes it.

Can you fix it, please?

Thank you

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Ok, thank you for letting us know, we're going to check it. In the meantime, please let me know:

  • What wpForo addons do you use (specify the addon versions)?
  • Do you have any custom code elated to wpForo in the functions.php of the WordPress active theme?


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Hello Robert,

  • I use Private Messages (licence valid until 07/2022 - last week prolonged)
  • Yes, I have, but be sure that I properly tested if my functions are related to this issue or not before I posted the first post. And as you can see, the issue is also on this forum present.

Best wishes,