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[Closed] Add Board programmatcly

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i just started using your Fourm plugin. Id like to add some boards automaticly, so i can add a board with mysql by inserting or just copy an entry to wpforo_forums. But when i do so, its not visible in Forum, only after going to Admin Panel, Edit the new created and just click save.

So, im asking how to add a board without using the admin panel.

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Hi @tobstar,

When you click on Edit/Save buttons, wpForo automatically deletes caches. So you just need to delete caches after adding forum with MySQL. Just navigate to Dashboard > Forum > Dashboard admin page, click on [Delete All Caches] button.

If you're a developer and need to do some customization then I'll provide you code that adds a forum. You just need to change red marked codes before using:

$forum = array(
'cat_layout' => 2,
'title' => 'forum title',
'slug' => 'forum slag',
'description' => 'forum description',
'parentid' => 0

In this case, also please don't forget to delete caches. 

Please also check out wpForo doc: