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[Closed] Buddypress: Topics Started, Replies Created, Liked Posts, Subscriptions subpages

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I'm using wpForo with Buddypress but I can't find how to style these pages: Topics Started, Replies Created, Liked Posts, Subscriptions.

Can someone tell me which wpForo files correspond to these tab topics so I can add them to my child theme and customize them?

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Hi @annabwashere,

I apologize for the late response.  I had to ask the plugin developers this question. 

There is not an update safe way to do such customization.

You can either use hooks and make the customization or make changes within the /wp-content/plugins/wpforo/wpf-includes/integration/buddypress.php file and keep the file somewhere locally so as to not lose the customizations. 

The hooks can also be found in the same file.