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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Customer role

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Apologies if this is a duplicate post - my previous one disappeared. 

I have the user roles set to these groups:

  • Customer / Registered Student - post and view
  • Subscriber /Registered Non-Student - no posts and view

My set up is to purchase a course through WooCommerce via an outside link to ThriveCart. The purchase adds the Student tag via GroundHogg. 

If the person cancels a subscription, they lose the student tag and get a non-student tag. They are still registered to the website. 

This set up allows access to the LearnDash courses and works fine. 

Except. The purchase doesn't seem to change the role to customer from registered user. So, WPForo doesn't see the role as customer, only subscriber and access is limited. I think this is possibly due to the purchase being on a third-party site (ThriveCart). 

Can WP Foro see other metadata like the GroundHogg tag and use that to change the user role to Customer? 

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btw: I can't see the real forum page, but i HOPE you have EXCLUDED wpforo page(s) from W3TC cache plugin.

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@dimalifragis yes I have.  Only registered users can see the forum and registered students can use it. The Groundhogg meta data isn't recognizing the purchase either, so I need a different way to switch roles (automatically) when someone purchases/cancels via ThriveCart, or using Groundhogg Tags.

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Hi @lottieg,

wpForo has Role Synch Option, with it, you can synch wpForo User Groups with WP Roles.

So if the User Role changes from Subscriber to Customer, wpForo Role should change by the Synchronization setup.

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@chris I found a solution using GroundHogg to change the user role when the ThriveCart purchase was successful. Hopefully it will also change the role back if they cancel their subscription/payment. 

This was by far the easiest option - I also looked into webhooks briefly but felt that was beyond my skill set.