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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Export forum posts with timestamps and user details

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BACKGROUND: I'm organizing a writing contest and want to use the forum as a submission avenue.Registered users can create a post under the topic "this month's contest" for example. They then enter their submission in the text field or upload a word doc etc.

WHAT I NEED HELP WITH: At the end of the month, how can I export all the posts from "this months contest" into a spreadsheet that includes the username of the poster, the contents of the post, and a link to the files (or even just the name).

Thanks for the help!

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Hi @creag-munroegmail,

There is no such an option to export post data, however you can export all the posts from "wp_wpforo_posts" table as an Excel or CSV File using PhpMyAdmin Plugin.

Also, you can contact our custom development team via sales[at] if you need custom exporting features.