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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Forum Page Title not displaying

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We recently set up wpforo on our Wordpress install also running Divi. It was working great until yesterday when someone accidentally hit "Edit with Divi" (which we had already figured out isn't compatible with the forums page). After this, the background got weird and the Forum Page title disappeared. 

I fixed the background via CSS but the title is still gone. Here's what I've tried: 

  • Ensured the forums page is reverted back to Wordpress editor (not Divi)
  • Ensured the Forum Title is set to a real value 
  • Toggled the "Show Forum Page Title" setting on and off 
  • Cleared the whole cache

So far, nothing has worked. I'm attaching a screenshot if that's helpful.  

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Hi @cmccullough-012,

Please one more time navigate to the Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features admin page enable the "Show Forum Page Title" option and check again.

Don't forget to delete all caches and press CTRL+F5(twice) on the frontend. 

Also please navigate to the Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard admin page click on the "Delete User Cache" and "Delete All Caches" button and check again.

If the issue still exists please leave your forum URL to allow us to check it.

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@alvina Thank you! I tried again, double checked that option is still enabled, cleared the caches, and used command + R (I'm on mac) to reload while clearing cache. Unfortunately, it is still not there.

Here is the site, but if there isn't an easy fix I believe we're willing to live with it as is. Though ideally it would show the title. 



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The problem is in the Divi settings. So just find an appropriate option to manage page title and enable it. This issue is not related to wpForo, the page title is out of wpForo scope and affection, wpForo only works in post content.