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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Customizing Post Reply Notifications

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Currently, when someone posts something new on a topic I am subscribed to, I get a notification containing the post topic name and one sentence from the reply. Is there some way to display more of the reply? Right now I believe it shows something like 50 characters. I'd like to increase that. Is that possible?

For example:

Hello! New reply has been posted on your subscribed topic -

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Hi @douglascward,

Yes, you can do that using wpForo hooks. Put this code in your current active WordPress theme functions.php file. You can change the length too. I set it 100 for you.

function wpforo_custom_notification_text_length( $length ){
$length = 100;
return $length;
add_filter('wpforo_notification_saved_description_length', 'wpforo_custom_notification_text_length', 10);
add_filter('wpforo_notification_description_length', 'wpforo_custom_notification_text_length', 10);

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@robert Excellent! Thank you!