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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Hiding login and registration links

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We already have login and registration pages on our website.  Can somebody please tell me how I can either redirect wpForo login and registration links to my own URL or, preferably, simply just hide this?  Thanks.

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Hi @aaronmckeon,

Please go to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features Tab and disable  

  • Replace Registration Page URL to Forum Registration Page URL
  • Replace Login Page URL to Forum Login Page URL
  • Replace Reset Password Page URL to Forum Reset Password Page URL
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@chris I just tried this but it had no effect.  It's still showing the wpForo user registration and login pages.  We have custom login and registration pages on our website that we need to use instead.

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Please navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Members tab and insert your custom login, registration and reset-password page URLs to corresponding fields of the "Custom Authorization URLs" option: