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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] How can I disable tooltips/hover effect (addons)?

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I've just installed a few addons, which work great with one exception:

At least one of addons introduced a tooltip/hover effect, for users that are logged in, which conflicts with my theme.

See the attachment: left is the normal tooltip, right is what it becomes when a user logs in (on forum pages only).

I doubt just modifying the CSS will do the trick. I suspect some kind of JavaScript needs to be disabled.

Any help is appreciated.

wpForo version: 1.7.0
 - wpforo-ad-manager v1.1.1,
 - wpforo-advanced-attachments v2.0.1,
 - wpforo-embeds v2.0.2,
 - wpforo-private-messages v1.2.4

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Hi @hansie,

All issues related to addon should be asked in the same website you've purchased. At we have a support forum for paid addons. Here we only support the core free wpForo plugin. So please open a new support topic in gVectors Support forum, in corresponding addon sub-forum:

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Thanks Robert - I'll post there! 😊