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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How to fixed redirects?

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Today semrush found something new issuescheck pls, tell me please how fixed (remove this is redirects)? Thanks.

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You've changed the "Mark all read" link to "follow", it is "nofollow" in wpForo. Why have you done that? Now all your topics and forums has a duplicated link with "?foro=allread&foro_n=" ending part and all their canonical URLs are incorrect. So the reason of all these problems are you.

I think you use some code or JS function to change all nofollow links to follow, which affects all wpForo nofollow links. Now you're reporting tons of issues here and spend support time on something that we've fixed years ago. Please fix this issue asap and don't report such SEO issues in wpForo forum again. We've already spent lots of time on this. Here is another topic that you should have followed days ago:

It seems you don't read my answers and just duplicate the issues in new topics. I'm closing this topic again.