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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] My moderator gets Error 500

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After the v1.5.3 my moderator gets error 500 on her browser time to time. She can sometimes open the topic but sometimes not. I mean the same topic. Also while sending a message. She can succesfully write the post but she can't see it, because again 500. I didn't understand. There's nothing wrong on my side or other members. We even tried at the same time but I can open topics while she can't. So I think it's not server related. There must be something wrong with her wpforo account.

Can it be? I'm out of ideas.

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As usual, enable WP Debug to a LOG and check for errors. If it is clean after a few hours, proceed to the next step.

I think wpForo moderators should Stick a topic about How and When to Enable WP DEBUG.LOG. It seems most people have no idea about it.


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from my experience, error 500 is as result of maybe multiple sessions when using NAT protocol.

Reset modem/router, clear cookies from browser and you'll be good for few more days.


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I have the same issue with one moderator-account. The problem is associated with the account and not with the browser/router etc. We have done some tests with multiple devices.

Web server error log:


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Just follow the standard WP debug procedure guys. Debug.log, default theme, disable plugins one by one. etc etc.

Also what is your PHP version and your php memory allowance.

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Hi @spider,

Could you please also ask your moderator to click on the "Mark all read" button located in forum footer? And let us know if it helps.

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