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New Feature [Closed] Popular plugin confliction Suggestion

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Hello Everyone,

I recently installed a plugin called all in one event calendar and found I was unable to use most of its basic customization options.

The Problem:

I was unable to use the "Theme options" which includes customising the color scheme of the events calendar with a similar system to wpforo. I received the following error "

All-in-One Event Calendar:

CSS compilation failed because you don't have enough free memory (a minimum of 24M is needed). Your calendar will not render or function properly without CSS. Please read this article to learn how to increase your PHP memory limit."

Knowing our memory is far in excess of the error messages free space required message (We have 512M) I contacted WPEngine (Our host)

After taking the site to a 'staged environment' all plugins were removed except the events calendar and it fixed the issue.

One by one we reactivated each plugin and isolated it to being an issue with WPforo. Not sure why it's conflicting, there's no errors in the error log to work with.

The above mentioned plugin has in excess of 100,00 active installs so I hope this bug report helps as I'm sure there are many more with the same issue.

Could you please advise further. 

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he error comes form All-in-One Event Calendar, so it's better to report it in the plugins support forum, they know better how their CSS is rendering and where it could conflict with other plugins. We're open to make any change in wpForo if they recommend something to for fix this conflict.