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Style [Solved] Profile Widget Buttons are Not Visible with Dark Theme

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I added a screenshot. The left one (profile button) is on hover, so it's fine when hover but other ones are have the same color with titles, as I can see. I couldn't find the correct line on style.css

So, can I fix it with css codes or do I need to wait for a new version?

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how did you do the dark theme? i used WP Dark Mode. And everything is ok for me.

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I've got the same problem.

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@spider, @gnomebe,

I think you're using non-dark WordPress theme with dark wpForo Style. If you don't use dark theme for wordpress them please don't use dark style for wpForo, because the links and text colors are inverted in dark mode and will be incorrectly inverted from WordPress light style.

In any case, I can help you to adapt them with this CSS code. Insert this CSS code in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Styles > Custom CSS Code textarea, save it, delete all caches, go to forum front-end and press Ctrl+F5:

#wpforo #wpf-widget-profile .wpf-prof-footer .wpf-prof-buttons a, #wpf-widget-profile .wpf-prof-footer .wpf-prof-buttons a {
       background: transparent!important;
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@robert Thank you and you're right I'm using a light wp theme in front side.