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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] reCaptcha showing an error

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If someone trys to register for my forum they get a recaptcha error?

In my tool setting my recaptcha is set as follows - 

reCAPTCHA API Keys (version 2, "I'm not a robot" checkbox)

To start using reCAPTCHA, you need to sign up for an API key pair for your site.

However if I click on the link for the API just above the codes it says  - 

reCAPTCHA type:v3
Do you think this could be the problem? I was about to delete my recaptcha and try and load another code but when I click delete button in recaptcha its prompts me the following

Are you sure you want to permanently delete this site? It can't be undone.


Am a bit confused as to what to do? 

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Hi @runningmonkey,

Everything is working fine on your forum. We were able to register on your forum. However, there is a "prove your humanity" filed on the login page. And it doesn't allow the users to login to your forum. You'll need to remove the "prove your humanity" field from the login page. It comes from the Jetpack plugin. Once you disable it, delete all caches and check again. It'll work fine.

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@sofy i have the same problem,i already delete other recaptcha plugin but still if i activate wpforo google recaptcha its not working,but when i try with other captcha plugin its working fine,it's been 1 week i try to figure this out,i search everything in this forum and follow all the guide but i cant find any answer and fix,im sure there is nothing conflicting with wpforo recaptcha,because i try using other recaptcha plugin its working fine,after that i delete and test with wpforo recaptcha its keep give me error,please help.

url :

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Hi @sofy I've been experiencing since two days according to my users the same problem as mentioned @fhazal.

Attaching chart from google reCaptcha dashboard and here I can see a spike of unsuccessful sign-up attempts - the red says this.

I can sign in to my site only because I social-media authentication. 

Here is the link to my sign-in site

I haven't found anything on google sites related to reCaptch'a issues.

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an update: I analyzed that the latest Nimble Page Builder 3.1.0 is causing the problem

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Please edit the forum page and make sure the wpForo shortcode [wpforo] is placed in a simple text box on the page builder. Don't put it in the page builder shortcode boxes.