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[Solved] User could not get rid of siubscriptions

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an very experienced user with more then 1.000 posts could not edit his profile unser 2.0.5, he receives the message

"You should have 1 or more approved posts to be able edit your profile information"

I told him to refresh the page, and then it worked again. So far, so good.

Then he tried to get rid of subscriptions that he said he didn't have before the update - can't verify. But it didn't work: he could deselect the subscriptions as he wanted, after saving they were all enabled again - ALL possible ones.

He gave me his credentials to try it with his account, and he is right ...

Does anyone have any ideas?


Yours, Bernd


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This is a cache issue. Please exclude more pages from your cache plugin. i added all paths you should exclude. The forum base path is not enough. Please find your cache plugin in this list and do the steps:

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  • @robert Thanks again for the quick help, your advice solved the problem, "/participants/" was not excluded in WPRocket.