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[Closed] Buddypress plugin not working

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I run a wpforo powdered forum; so I used and integrated Buddypress to it and it's working but since I set forum to as a "stand alone forum" Buddypress and some other plugins stopped working....please help

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Well not sure if related but you use Litespeed cache and you shouldn't (as per wpForo instructions).

And you have some js errors also (F12/console).

And now i'm thinking about it maybe if you turn wpForo as a standalone forum, what you see could normal.

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don't use the "stand alone forum" option if you're going to use other plugins on the front-end.

Just rember, the "Turn WordPress to wpForo" option is designed to only use wpForo on front end, it has been tons of times mentioned in the forum and in the documentation. You cannot turn this option on and use other plugin or pages on the front end. Please read again the doc, and disable the option. This option is not for your case, and you cannot use it if you have any frontend content other than the wpForo:

If you want to set the forum on home page just use this method: