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[Solved] [BUG] 'Edit Account' for user shows my info in the fields!

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Hi Support

This is weird - I first noticed it a few weeks ago, and I had guessed it was a weird temporary glitch. But I have just encountered it again.

If I 'Edit Account Information' for a user (@sunnymart), then I see my own details (@driver8) in the fields: 'Display Name' & 'Nickname' & email address (see screenshot below).

This happens with any user I try to Edit.

I have added the recommended cache exceptions, and flushed caches.

I use MS Windows and Edge browser. CTL-F5 on the browser shows the correct user info for a split second, before my own details appear again.

I guess this is some sort of browser caching or field auto-fill at my end?


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Those things usually happen when there's persistent caching somewhere. Make sure there's no other server side caching going on. Check with your host to make sure they are not implementing some other caching on your account.

Also, have you tried doing all that in a private tab window or in a totally different browser?

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Thanks, @realact 

No, this does not happen in a private browser window. So I've tried everything to clear down the cache in my main browser, but to no avail.

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Make sure the /participant/ path is excluded from your cache plugin. Find it in this list and exclude all mentioned paths: https://wpforo.com/community/faq/wpforo-and-cache-plugins/#post-37150

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Thanks @robert - yes, I double-checked these settings and all seems ok.

Then I turned off my LiteSpeed plugin and flushed server cache, still the same issue.

BUT it does not happen in a private/incognito browser window, so I've cleared all cache/cookies for my site (F12, clear, hard refresh) but the issue remains.

I'm guessing it's something very specific to me !