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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Caching plugins and wpForo

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A few months back i asked a question about WP Super Cache and wpForo. At the time wpForo for some reason made WP Super Cache to clear Home page (and possibly other also, i dunno), every time a user was logging in (or logging out). We found that enabling WP Super Cache debug and saw what is doing that and when, and it was wpForo. I got no real reply but a generic one.

So we have switched to Fastest Cache now.

And the problem: While the wpForo base page is EXCLUDED from caching, everytime a new forum post is made, the WHOLE site is preloaded again. Fastest Cache preload happens when the Cache is Deleted. So for some reason wpForo deletes (or triggers) something and Fastest Cache starts preloading.

The issue is more or less the same with WP Super Cache, so this is related to wpForo and not the caching plugins.

Please spend some time to check this and update here.

Thank you


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Thank you for the update. It's hard to find the problem maker point. Let's check if it has some conflict with wpForo cache. Go to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features admin page and disable these three options:

  • Enable Member Cache
  • Enable Object Cache
  • Enable Memory Cache

Delete all caches, browser cookies and test it again.

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Yes it is hard to figure this out, i have asked the Fastest Cache to provide some logging code so i know who is invalidating the cache and when/why. He didn't respond.

I have all 3 options always enabled, as you say.

For now, i have (again) moved to Litespeed cache plugin and that seems to work fine (excluding wpForo for caching).

Let's see how it goes.