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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Editing/Deleting Replies

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Is there a way for a user to edit/delete a reply that they posted?


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Hi @dlingbloom,

All users have Edit, Delete and Reply buttons. But these buttons don't exist if the new topic/post status is unapproved. Also, the Edit and Delete buttons are time limited. You can manage the time limit or remove it all in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Topics & Posts Tab.


Another important part is the permissions of users. If these permissions are disabled for users Forum Access (usually the "Standard Access") in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Forum Accesses admin page then they'll not be able to Edit, Delete or Reply:

  • Can post reply
  • Can reply to own topic
  • Can edit own topic
  • Can edit own reply
  • Can delete own topic
  • Can delete own reply


BTW, all these are enabled by default, so forum admins don't have to do this, unless you've made some changes in Usergroup <> Forum Access settings and changed the Standard Access for your default Usergroup.


A good topic to understand how forum Usergroup and Forum Accesses work:

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