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[Solved] How to add fields to the members left panel inside foroums

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Hi Friends,

We're in the final steps of creating a professional forum.

One of the things we're trying to achieve is the ability to let user see who is interacting with them inside the forum (like job title and company).

We've purchased members profile custom fields, and we're trying to understand how can we add custom fields to the user left box inside the form

You can see an example in the attached picture.

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Hi @raphaelos,

If you create a new Tab for the profile page, you can show it under the avatar next to other tabs buttons, but not a text field.

And please not if you have other questions about wpForo addons ask them at gVectors wpForo Addons Forum, we provide here only wpForo main plugin support.

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you can edit the post.php of the used layout
and add your custom flields with this php code

<?php echo implode( ', ', array_diff((array) wpforo_member($member, 'field_xxxxx'), array(0)) ) ?>

replace the "xxxxx" with the correct field number

Theme Customization

I have inserted all my custom fields under the posts like this


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@tutrix  Thank you so much!