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[Solved] How to disable topic suggestion feature in V2

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This new Feature make the Board not usable !

When you enter the Topic Title there comes automatically a List with Suggestions. 

Discussions that may already have the Information you are looking for

I have not found where i can turn this off

Because the complete Screen moves down when this happens 

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I haven't found any option either. And i must say this auto-suggest is very annoying everywhere i see it, in all WP plugins.

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In 2.0.4 version, topic suggestion takes less place and hides the suggested titles very fast. So you may like it. The option to disable topic suggestion will be available in next version.

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Hi Chris,

I'm with the last 2.1.6 version but can't find the option to disable topic suggestions. Is available this option?

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The option is not added yet.