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New Feature New Feature: SPAM folders

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I'd like to request that you add in the ability of a moderator to manually SPAM a forum post and the SPAM posts be put into their own queue for us to look at. Un-approving a post is fine for posts that contain unwanted content but how do we train the SPAM filters if we don't have a way to SPAM a forum post?

Akismet is missing SPAM and we'd like a way to better track that it so we can enter in the offenders to Forum Censor Pro as well as adjust our firewalls to block the SPAMmers before they pollute our forums.



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Hi @sitebastion,

This would be not effective if the data is not stored in one centralized place. We may work on a forum spam API to get all forum administrators marked spam from all wpForo and non-wpForo forums. This will also provide a spam filtering tool in the wpForo core. But this is not an easy task, so we may start such project in a few months.

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The best way to cut down spam, is before the user registers or logs in (or even before he even reaches the site).

Other methods than that, do not work well and need a lot of efforts.

Check CIDRAM for Wordpress.