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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] unable to add new topic

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I removed major plugins. I have one more problem due to the plugin. I changed the address of my forum page from "Forum" to "forum". Now the page does not appear in the Google index. When I enter from google it gives 404 error.

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Ok, this is an expected issue. It's time to remove the duplicated forum and leave one.

1. Go to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > General Tab, make sure the forum base URL is /forum/.

2. Go to Dashboard > Pages and find the forum page. Edit that page and change the page slug to forum . Save it, go to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard and click the [Delete all caches] button.


3. Then install some redirection plugin like Simple 301 Redirects. Go to the plugin settings and redirect:

  • /Forum to /forum
  • /Forum/* to /forum/*
  • /community to /forum
  • /community/* to /forum/*

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