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[Solved] Buddypress/boss Forum Tab in Profile

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I installed wpforo on my website which I had Buddyboss theme and platform.

I disabled the Buddyboss forum features and used wpforo as the main forum plugin. (I set the permalink to /forum)

I already enabled all the buddypress integration features, and it's work perfectly but I just got one problem.

The wpforo was able to create 'Forum' tabs in the profile page, but when I/user clicked it, they will always redirect to the main forum page ( not the, and there is no sub tab "Created Topics", "Posted Replies", "Liked Posts" and "Subscriptions" was created.

How can I fix this issue?

I already try to disable and re-enable those features, also try to flush the permalink, deactivated and rea-activated wpforo plugin, but it seems nothing is working.


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Hi @dolojo,

Please provide your website URL.