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[Solved] Spam with Akismet and RECAPCHA activated

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Hi, I have observed a suspicious amount of new users coming from Russia and login despite of having RECEPTCHA and Akismet. Has this ever happened to anyone? Thanks in advance.

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I'm getting so much of this I had to take two forums down, hundreds of .ru registrations.

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Hi @srtalop, @ewscos,

Please note: user registration and account creation is a part of WordPress core. wpForo only provides a registration form. You can install and configure any WordPress antispam plugin to protect spam user registration. This is not wpForo part, this is WordPress part.

wpForo will care about spam posting and help a little in user registration protection with builtin reCAPTCHA. These are wpForo antispam solutions:

New Topic / Post Moderation
1. Option to keep topics and posts unapproved until the admin is not reviewed and approved. If a spam is suspected, new topics and posts will be set unapproved automatically and you'll be notified about new unapproved entry via email. You'll be able to approve them in Dashboard > Forums > Moderation admin page.

Antispam Options (Dashboard > Forums > Tools)
2. Built-in Antispam system, spam content filtering algorithms
3. Hard control of New Registered users
4. Link and Attachment control
5. Built-in reCAPTCHA API for topics, posts, registration and login forms
6. Integration with Akismet, topic and post content scanning.

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Thanks Sofy, I was basically trying to understand if this had happened to anyone in order to know how to act.

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So, anyone that can help please? Many thanks.

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Block Russia and anywhere else you care to -

Block most known forum spammers before they register:  

Akistmet and reCapture have proven next to useless for me.


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I'm using 'Wordfence Security' to protect my sites and it does pretty good job.

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