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[Closed] Slovak forum, after actualization dont work - please HELP

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Hello every body and at the first place, I will be grateful any help or advice, because my forum page (Slovak web) stop working, and for 2 and half years it was working well. 

I have lots of members on web and on forum, with daily communication and now, It is not working for Second Day and people is writting me and my support on email whats going on. 
So, I made yesterday actualization on my wpforo plugin to newest version 2.0, which have new dezign, 2022 theme, function, etc., and from here I have big problém, because it seem new forum does not work with my web very good.
A put some screenshot from my mobile to look at what problém is it.
1. So I actualuzated everything base on your manual here and forum looks great. I háve my home page of fórum and homepage of my web is 
But here on new version of wpforo, as I see, is new permalinks (sign in, sign up participant, etc.,), and it looks like it for some reason does not work well now on my web. 
I have everything check, web and wordpress, plugins, addons, etc., is working well, is newest version 🤔
2. And here is PROBLEM: fórum is working, everything is set, when somebody is on forum page - great, but when somebody click on login, register, or any participant add topic, etc., which need redirect ti permalinks of fórum, it just SHUT DOWN and open empty home page with no content.
Just Global header and footer and people can not login or register. 
But when I am login as administrator, everything working. I can add topic, write, etc, nad I dont understand whats happen wrong 🤔
3. One last thing, which I notice is, that plugin wpforo some how still create new "fórum homepages". 
I have set permalink in fórum to "forum" (, and when I try to login, and it shut down, it immediately create page "community". Then it for minutes work on that page, but again, when login, register, on click ti anything, it shut down and create another page "community-2" and again for while working and so on. 
Thanks many time if someone will have any advice. 
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Here again, ow I try it, and fórum page is working, I as guest (visitor only) can see forum, s roll, open, read all, etc., but when I click on posting, login or something like that, it dont redirect to login page and s**t down 🤔



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Hi @jaroslav-lachky,

1. Navigate to Dashboard > Pages, edit Forum page, check the URL Slug and the Page ID.

2. Navigate to Dashboard > wpForo > Boards, Edit the Default Board, and make sure that the Board Slug and ID are the Same as the Pages.

3. Navigate to wpForo > Overview, and Press Soft Flush Permalinks and Hard Flush Permalinks Button.


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@chris Thanks chris.


Yes, slug and ID is the same (I look at at yesterday) and now, I am going to try lást think you suggest. I just want to ask, need I both of them? Fisrt soft Flush Permalinks and after Hard Flush Permalinks?


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@chris Hi again Chris,


Just write you, that I try your advice, press both Button (soft and Hard) and still the same. Any other opinion? 🤔

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Some more info:

Now, ai just try it again, also press delete all cache and for two minutes it will going well. I was able to sign in as member, see my profile, but now is again failing.

And I čas see other two pages, that will be created again with URL "community" and "community-2".

So seems like some other issue with page, but I check it and ID and slug of home page fórum is the same. In Word press and in default boards, so I dont know what can be doing this misstake

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What cache plugin do you use? Please find your cache plugin in this list and exclude all wpForo pages as it's described:

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@robert Hi Robert. Thanks, but I dont use any cache plugin. Or I am not súre, if I am useing plugin like that. 


But for to be sure, I writinig all my plugin from Word press now so you can look at them and maybe direct my which one may be cache


Admin Custom Login

Ajax Search Lite

All In One WP Security

Automatic sign in after login 

CB Change Mail Sender 

File Manager Advanced


Limit Attempts by BestWebSoft

Loco translate 

Post Slider and Carousel with Widget

Social Feed Gallery

Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM

Titan Anti-spam & Security

UpdraftPlus - Záloha/Obnova

User Role Editor

Video Gallery - Vimeo and YouTube Gallery

Visitors Online by BestWebSoft

Wordfence Security

WP Ajaxify Comments

WP Mail Logging

WP Private Content Plus


wpForo Embeds 

WPS Hide Login



Thanks for response. 



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@robert @chris



I just want to update, that I contact my web provider and web support, which is provider here in Czech-Slovakia, where I have my web hosting, etc., and they check my wordpress site and told me, that any of my actual plugin is not cache (no caching plugin). Also my web dont have any cacheing, so I now dont know how to continued.

Any suggestion will be great.


Meanwhile, I try create another forum page, just to be sure...I create new page with slug "community" and also change slug and ID in board default forum, but it is the same problem. Everything is check, and it seems to me, that something in that kinde of new version is "fighting" on my site, because old version wpforo was working well, without problem for almost three years.



Thanks in advance

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