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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Change the author of a post

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I would love it if there was a feature for an admin to change the author of a post to a different user.  We have a need for this in the way we do things.

Any chance this could be done in the future?

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Hi @joel,

This requires lots of time and afford. Also, it requires a big work to add some user interface. The time we may spend on this could be spent on many important functions and features. I'm sorry, but at the moment this is out of our plans. I have no idea if we'll find time for adding this feature. Currently, the only way to change the topic author is doing it in the database:

1. Find the new author UserID

2. Find the TopicID

3. Find the first PostID of that topic

4. Use phpMyAdmin plugin or the Hosting cPanle > phpMyAdmin, go to WordPress browse and open the following tables:

  • wp_wpforo_topics
  • wp_wpforo_posts

5. Find the row of that topic in wp_wpforo_topics table and the row of the first post of that topic in wp_wpforo_posts table.

6. Double-click on the userid cell of the topic and post rows in corresponding wp_wpforo_topics and wp_wpforo_posts tables and insert the new UserID, here is the GIF animation>

7. Go to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard admin page and click [Delete all caches] button.

That's it.


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@robert Thanks, this is so helpful. I can understand that changing the author of a post is not a priority for your plugin development, and so I really appreciate you giving us these great, step-by-step backdoor instructions! Loving the plugin. Once I get my site setup, I'll write you a glowing review. 🙂