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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] WordPress Admin Bar

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I have a problem with the adminbar in my Wordpress. Moderators cannot see this (a picture is attached)

I've also deactivated plugins where I think they might be the reason for this (Admin Menu Editor Pro & User Role Editor Pro) but that didn't change anything. Is it because of an setting of the forum? or do you have any idea how I could find out?

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You can disable the "Show Admin Bar for Members" option in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features Tab, this will display the admin bar for all users. Then install some WP plugin to manage displaying of the admin bar by user roles. You can use:

Or you can customize it using this code snippets:

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Hi here, I've tried the plugin

But your setting "Display admin bar for members" still shows the admin bar. It's overwriting the admin bar plugin control.

How to make this admin bar disappear for forum members but still make it show for editors?


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Same thing with the plugin:

Hide Admin Bar From Front End

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Hi @airammontessori,

Disable the admin bar plugin and use the code in the below post:


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@chris Unfortenately, I've added this code to my functions.php and the bar's still there for regular "subscribers". The only way of removing it is disabling the option in WPForo setting. But in this case my editors don't have these useful bar any longer ...

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Then this doesn't have any relation to wpForo. You should check other plugins and themes. The admin bar is added and controlled by other plugins or by the theme. This issue is not related to wpForo.

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