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[Closed] wpForo 2.0 is released!

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We're excited to announce the wpForo v2.0 stable version is released.

It's been one year since the last update! Thank you for your huge patience. Again, we apologize for this long delay. There were lots of interruptions, we didn't work for a long period because of three COVID waves and big holidays. wpForo 2 core is fully re-developed, so we created a brand-new forum plugin with improved existing features and plus lots of new ones.



  • Please deactivate current addons or update them to 3.0.0 version before updating wpForo to 2.0.x
  • This is a major update with fully changed forum theme.
  • This update will remove forum template and CSS customizations.
  • After the update, please delete all caches and purge CDN if you have.
  • Please read the "Update to wpForo v2 Instruction" before updating the plugin.


Main Changes


Multi-Board System

Allows to create multiple separate forum boards in the same WordPress website. You can create fully separate forums in different pages. Description: https://wpforo.com/docs/wpforo-v2/categories-and-forums/forum-boards/


Multi-Language Support

Using the multi-board system, you can create multiple separate forums for each language of your website. Each forum will have separate forum page, categories, forums and threads, but users will be the same for all forum boards.


New Theme (2022) with Redesigned Layouts

wpForo v2 comes with new 2022 theme and with completely redesigned forum layouts and style. It brings a modern and clean look to all 4 forum layouts (Extended, Simplified, Q&A and Threaded). Description: https://wpforo.com/docs/wpforo-v2/categories-and-forums/forum-layouts/

Extended Layout

Simplified layout


Question & Answer Layout


Threaded Layout


Topic Overview and Stat Panel

This is a small panel on the top of all topics, which provides lots of quick information about the topic. Different statistic information and a quick tree of the whole topic with discussion threads and nested replies in one place. This makes it very easy and fast to find the posts you need in the topic.


New Member Profile System

It's fully changed with new features and modern design, becoming sitewide profile system, so in most cases you won't need to use other profile builder plugins. Description: https://wpforo.com/docs/wpforo-v2/settings/member-profile/#profile-page



New Dashboard Settings Page

We've re-grouped and re-designed wpForo settings, now it's very easy to find the option you want, also you can search options using the live search field. So, managing of your forum has become very easy and fast. Description: https://wpforo.com/docs/wpforo-v2/settings/


Spam Protection

New Registered User Approval: this feature will keep new registered users inactive until they are not activated by forum administrate. It's disabled by default, you can manage this option in the Login & Registration admin page.

Minimum number of approved posts to be able to edit own profile: This is another great spam protection feature. In most cases spammers register and do their spam in the profile page, they create spam profile pages with lots of links and spam content. They use “About”, “Website” and “Signature” profile fields. This option will stop users editing their profile information unless they have more than the minimum number of approved posts. Thus, you can prevent creating of spam profile pages.

Description: https://wpforo.com/docs/wpforo-v2/settings/spam-protection/


2.0.9 Changes

  • Core: SQL Optimization
  • Core: More caching items (forum, topic, post URL caching)
  • Core: Better built-in cache, better cache deleting control
  • Core: Flush Redis Object Cache on activation
  • Added: Clickable current forum link in the forums widget
  • Fixed Bug: PHP Warning: trying to access key on null, line 228 / 235


2.0.8 Changes

  • Added: Nickname on the profile page
  • Added: More types of problem detection in Debug > Error & Issues Tab
  • Added: Buttons to flush permalinks in wpForo > Overview admin page
         - Should be used if the forum page is changed
         - Should be used if the board slug is changed
         - Should be used if some pages are not accessible
         - Should be used if forum and topic links don't work
         - Should be used if forum paths are changed in General Settings
  • Added: New color options for link colors in Colors & Styles admin page
  • Added: Source and emoticons buttons in the signature and about editors
  • Added: Allow auto-embed bmp, webp, svg and tiff files with URL 
  • Changed: Like button moved to the post bottom section in Extended Layout
  • Fixed Bug: Missing colors, make sure all css files are loaded with https
  • Fixed Bug: CSS issues if user avatars are disabled
  • Fixed Bug: Correct canonical URL for Q&A topics with sorting queries
  • Fixed Bug: Stop hiding moderation buttons when topic overview is disabled
  • Fixed Bug: Fatal error: array_merge(): Argument #2 must be of type array
  • Fixed Bug: PHP Warning at /2/forum.php 103 line
  • Fixed Bug: Small CSS issues


2.0.7 Changes

    • Added: Filter hooks to set minimum number of posts for Active and Hot topics
    • Added: Missing phrases
    • Added: Hook to disable topic suggestion requests:
    • add_filter('wpforo_topic_suggestion', '__return_false');


  • Added: Post count information under the user avatar in the Simplified layout
  • Changed: Search engine ping service URLs
  • Fixed Bug: Problems with displaying login, register and profile pages
  • Fixed Bug: Problems with displaying unapproved posts in moderation page
  • Fixed Bug: Profile cover image saving problems
  • Fixed Bug: Board settings saving issues
  • Fixed Bug: Problem with remote avatar saving on the second time


2.0.6 Changes

  • Added: Usergroup permission "Can upload cover profile image"
  • Added: Display Tags link in forum footer
  • Added: Favored button in member's profile buttons
  • Added: Member paths in cache excluding admin notes
  • Added: Admin notification when the default board is missing
  • Added: Info in Errors & Issues tab when old customized template files are detected
  • Security: Added wp_nonce and wp_send_json_error() to all AJAX requests
  • Spam Protection: Minimum user level to display signature
  • Spam Protection: Don't show profile fields for users who don't have content
  • Fixed Bug: Classic theme issues (like button, search icon, profile page)
  • Fixed Bug: Disable forum statistic using the corresponding option
  • Fixed Bug: Duplicated information about points on profile and members page
  • Fixed Bug: Icon issue in Member Title profile field
  • Fixed Bug: Problem with password changing in forum profile page
  • Fixed Bug: Using WordPress timezone for not-loggedin visitors
  • Fixed Bug: The checkbox options of Admin Note don't work
  • Fixed Bug: Cannot add forum cover image in non-default boards
  • Fixed Bug: Problems with manual approval of new registered users
  • Fixed Bug: Turn off topic suggestion when editing a topic
  • Fixed Bug: Problem with saving the board description
  • Fixed Bug: Stop loading UM css and other functions if UM is not installed
  • Fixed Bug: Pagination dropdown background issue
  • Fixed Bug: Remove nofollow links from the end of breadcrumbs
  • Fixed Bug: Avatar overlapping issue in Simplified layout
  • Fixed Bug: Avoid sending duplicated email on new reply and user mentioning
  • Fixed Bug: Don't send email to the post approving moderator
  • Fixed Bug: Email template and shortcode issues
  • Fixed Bug: User Profile Synchronization Issue
  • Fixed Bug: Filter by forums in Recent Posts widget
  • Fixed Bug: PHP Note: Empty values in widget / Warning: Undefined array key Posts.php on line 655


2.0.5 Changes

  • Added: Topic and Post dislike notification
  • Added: ID’s to forum wrappers on forum home page
  • Fixed Bug: Forum access “Can Like” doesn’t work
  • Fixed Bug: Email shortcode rendering issue
  • Fixed Bug: Loosing theme settings when the General Settings are updated
  • Fixed Bug: WordPress author URL problem /participant/anonymous/
  • Fixed Bug: Admin note “wpForo Installation Status”
  • Fixed Bug: User avatar issue in “Profile & Notifications” Widget


2.0.4 Changes

  • Added: Separate navigation menu and Menu Location for each board
  • Added: Limit suggested topics
  • Changed: Hide suggested topics when user left the title field
  • Fixed Bug: Language conflict with other plugins in AJAX requests
  • Fixed Bug: JS/CSS file conflict in dashboard
  • Fixed Bug: 404 error when Polyglot plugin is used with single board
  • Fixed Bug: PHP Notice / Trying to get property ‘roles’ of non-object in hooks.php on line 22


2.0.3 Changes

  • Fixed Bug: Problem with get_locale() function
  • Fixed Bug: Deactivate old addons and don’t allow activating them to avoid fatal errors
  • Fixed Bug: Revert the lost sidebar after updating to v2.0


2.0.2 Changes

  • Updated: Deactivate old addons before updating wpForo to avoid Fatal Errors
  • Fixed bug: Problems with Topics and Posts short URLs
  • Fixed bug: Hide like / dislike buttons for non-loggedin users.


2.0.1 Changes

  • Added: Redesigned Members Directory
  • Added: AJAX powered profile actions and sub-tabs
  • Added: Point based user reputation collected on new topic, post, like, dislike
  • Added: User following with corresponding (following and followers) tabs in profile
  • Added: User ban and edit buttons in users profile pages
  • Added: User soft and full deleting option
  • Added: Mute button to disable email notifications on user mentioning in posts
  • Added: Profile cover image
  • Added: Last login information on the profile page
  • Added: Separated sub-tabs All/Topics/Posts in Profile > Activity Tab
  • Added: Favored Tab with Bookmarks/Likes/Dislikes sub-tabs
  • Added: User profile page without forum header and footer
  • Topic Overview: on the top of topics with quick stat and a tree of nested replies
  • Added: Topic specific statistics with participants and likes count
  • Added: Topic suggestion while typing topic title in new topic creation form
  • Added: Topic and Post bookmarking button allows adding them in "favored" list
  • Added: Topic managing buttons are moved from the first post to the top of all pages
  • Added: Topic and Posts Dislike button with new ui/ux
  • Added: Topic/Post filter in Dashboard > wpForo > Moderation admin page
  • Added: H1 headers in topic tags page
  • Added: Forum cover image, available for all layouts
  • Added: [Add Topic] button to all layouts on the forum home page
  • Added: Forum Jump dropdown in topics footer area
  • Added: Category and Forums widget with an option to display as dropdown
  • Added: Settings boxes grouping related options
  • Added: Settings live search field, jumping to found setting page
  • Antispam: Check links in topic custom fields and in signatures for auto moderation
  • Antispam: Option to set minimum number of approved posts to be able to edit own profile. Doesn't allow spammers to create spam profile pages with lots of links and spam content.
  • Added: Toggle to keep collapsed wpForo menu shortcodes in Menus admin page
  • Added: New social network meta tag "og:local" in forum and topic pages
  • Added: Dashboard notification to exclude forum for 7 popular cache plugins
  • Lots of options have been added in wpForo Settings
  • Lots of bugs have been fixed
  • The core is fully re-developed and optimized



Great job has been done by Beta Testers!

Special thank you to our Beta Testers who have worked hard during the last month and helped us find and fix lots of major and minor bugs: @dimalifragis, @verek, @tutrix, @kezeo, @wendell, @berndg, @lepalois, @fawp and others.

In case you want to say thank you !)
We'd really appreciate and be thankful if you leave a good review on plugin page. This is the best way to say thank you to this project and support team.

Posted : 03/08/2022 4:14 pm
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nice news, always the best forum solution

Posted : 03/08/2022 4:20 pm
Robert, BerndG, exode13 and 4 people reacted
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Nice work and thank you.

I will wait 48 hours and if no updates are published in between, i will update myself.


(btw: this post took about 10 seconds to be posted ....)

Posted : 03/08/2022 4:25 pm
Martin, Excalibur and Robert reacted
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This is a very professional update. Looks great, thanks! Best forum plugin. 👑

Converted from Mybb to Wpforo 😉

Posted : 03/08/2022 4:46 pm
BerndG, Martin, Excalibur and 1 people reacted
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Thank you for this great update, jam-packed with lots of goodies! 🙂

I did notice one small oddity after upgrading from beta to 2.0.1 -- the avatar displayed in the sidebar widget uses a different image URL than the profile page:

Widget avatar URL


Profile avatar URL

 https://mytestsite.com/wp-content/uploads/wpforo/avatars/harnessmedia_1.jpg ?lm=1659545132

Hope that helps! 🙂

Posted : 03/08/2022 4:51 pm
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Posted by: @wendell

I did notice one small oddity after upgrading from beta to 2.0.1 -- the avatar displayed in the sidebar widget uses a different image URL than the profile page:

I think this is a plugin conflict or just another unintuitive cache affection. I'd recommend delete user caches in wpForo > Overview admin page and delete all kind of caches.

Also, try to update your profile by clicking the update button and use private/incognito tab to check.

In case you want to say thank you !)
We'd really appreciate and be thankful if you leave a good review on plugin page. This is the best way to say thank you to this project and support team.

Posted : 03/08/2022 5:00 pm
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@wendell I see the Avatar issue in this site also.

Posted : 03/08/2022 5:53 pm
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This seems like a solid update and probably the best WPForo version yet.

Congrats guys!

Posted : 03/08/2022 6:24 pm
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Well done @Robert and the team.

I will update the sites I run in about 72 hours starting with the no frills sites.

Posted : 03/08/2022 9:10 pm
Macky, Robert and RealAct reacted
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Posted : 03/08/2022 10:53 pm
Robert reacted
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Congratulations, finally I could saw wpforo 2.0 on production site. More modern and fast loading.

Posted : 04/08/2022 1:36 am
Robert reacted
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hello addons are updated too ?

Posted : 04/08/2022 4:59 am
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Posted : 04/08/2022 6:44 am
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The addons are updated to 3.0 version. Working with wpForo 2.0

In case you want to say thank you !)
We'd really appreciate and be thankful if you leave a good review on plugin page. This is the best way to say thank you to this project and support team.

Posted : 04/08/2022 8:17 am
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This looks awesome, well done everyone for the hard work youll put in! I wont update just yet, but will over the weekend if everything goes smooth 🙂 Congrats on finally getting there! You all deserve a vacation lol 

Check out my Wpforo forum, lots of customisations and add ons 🙂
Percys Grow Room

Posted : 04/08/2022 2:49 pm
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